The City of Oakland is committed to delivering courteous, efficient and responsive services. We treat our customers and employees with fairness, dignity and respect. Please browse the links on this page to find just what you need. If you're not sure where to look, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us . We want to help.

City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk connects the citizens of Oakland and Oakland government and provides a direct link between City Council and City Staff in the preparation of agendas, documents and minutes. The Clerk performs numerous mandated functions including the administration of municipal elections and oversight of the City's Records Management Program.

City Council Meetings

The Office of the City Clerk's Agenda Management Division produces and distributes the weekly City Council and Council Committee meeting agendas. They verify the posting or publishing of legal notices, coordinate the scheduling of public hearings, and complete the necessary arrangements to ensure effective meetings. They are also responsible for recording the official legislative actions of the Oakland Redevelopment Agency (ORA), City Council, and Council Committees.

Records Management

The Clerk maintains all official records of proceedings and documents. Records Management preserves and protects the public record, providing fundamental integrity to the structure of our government.

To find official City records, documents, and copies of City ordinances visit our Records Management Page .
  • Records Request & Research


For information about voting and elections—including registering to vote, polling places and filing your candidacy visit our Elections Page.

Fire Dept.

On behalf of the men and women of the Oakland Fire Department, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We understand the importance of community access and information flow, and I hope this site will provide you with the necessary resources to enhance your knowledge of fire safety, prevention, and preparedness.

Established in 1869, the Oakland Fire Department has a rich history of dedicated and committed men and women wanting to provide the best level of service to the residents and visitors of Oakland. They are highly trained professionals, adept in a variety of cutting edge emergency response skills, and excited and proud of their ability to serve. They serve through programs such as fire and rescue response, emergency medical response, technical rescue, water rescue, hazardous material response and aircraft/rescue firefighting.

Emergency response starts with our 9-1-1 Dispatch Center . This Accredited Center of Excellence provides the highest level of emergency dispatch; our Fire Prevention Bureau is very knowledgeable of the fire code and the vegetation management system; our high profile Public Education Division has built strong partnerships with local schools, libraries, head start programs, and senior and community centers.

Emergency preparedness is a core function of the Oakland Fire Department. Citizens of Oakland Responding to Emergencies (CORE) teaches self-reliance skills and helps establish response teams to take care of your neighborhood until professional emergency response personnel can arrive. Because first responders will be overwhelmed during a catastrophic event such as a major earthquake on the Hayward fault, it is critical that community members are prepared to be self sufficient for the first 72 hours or longer during an emergency.

As the Chief of the Oakland Fire Department, I am pleased to lead an organization that takes pride in its service and strives to excel in its commitment to the City of Oakland and its residents. Holding on to historical values found in many of the fire stations, some of that tradition, and all of its pride makes me proud to be part of this organization.

Again, thank you for visiting our site, and I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to contact us for any additional information you may need.

Teresa Deloach Reed
City of Oakland, Fire Chief

New Reporting Requirements

Businesses Must Report Unified Program Information Electronically

Effective J, state law (California Assembly Bill 2286) requires ALL businesses within the State of California responsible for reporting Unified Program information to the Oakland Fire Department Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) to submit these reports electronically using the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS).

About the Fire Department

The City of Oakland is protected at all times by the over 500 fire service professionals of the Oakland Fire Department(OFD). The Oakland Fire Department was incorporated on March 13, 1869 and is the only fire and rescue agency serving the City of Oakland.

The OFD is comprised of eight (8) divisions, including: Fiscal and Administration Services ; Emergency Management Services Division; Medical Services Division; Fire Prevention & Support Services Bureau ; and the Field Operations Bureau .

The Operations Division responds out of 25 Fire Stations, located throughout the City and the International Airport, operating a fleet of 24 Engines, 7 Trucks, and numerous other special operations, support, and reserve units throughout 3 Battalions. The OFD responds to approximately 60,000 emergency calls annually, with over 80% being emergency medical services calls.

Throughout its storied history, thirteen firefighters have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of the City and have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Police Dept.

The Oakland Police Department is committed to moving Oakland forward. We recognize the importance of our role in increasing public safety. Reducing crime and the fear of crime, building trust and partnerships with the community, and institutionalizing organizational excellence are our priorities.

The attached report was written by expert consultants and identifies current law enforcement best practices and implementation recommendations. The goal of the review was to identify areas where we could improve our service delivery, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and increase transparency and community building.

We have already begun implementing key aspects of the plan, including geographic policing, district investigations, strengthening of the Compstat process, creation of a community advisory group for each district captain, and additional focus on the Ceasefire Strategy. We have seen recent reductions in homicides and shootings and we are dedicated to continuing to lower the crime rate and increase safety across the City. There is still a great deal of work to do, but with continued and diligent efforts, I am confident we can achieve lasting results.

Police Department News

OPD Arrest Robbery Suspect, Recover Gun

Other Police Department News & Upcoming Events

Nixle and Other Social Media Tools Valuable Asset to Police

See Lieutenant Christopher Bolton and Public Information Officer Johnna Watson speaking about the value of social media to law enforcement at a conference hosted by Nixle on in Fremont, CA. Representatives from over 80 Northern California first responder agencies attended the conference. (Click here to see the video on youtube, or go to to see it on Nixle.)

OPD uses Nixle to directly message crime trends to specific communities and to receive tips from the community, empowering them to be part of the solution along with the Police Department. In the 21st century, accurate and timely messaging to the communities we serve is a necessity. Social media is the future of information sharing; Nixle is a tool that allows OPD to do that.

OPD Crime Lab Update

Chief Whent and his executive team recognize the important role the Crime Lab must play in our crime reduction strategy. Addressing violent crime is our priority and the ability of our crime lab to process prints, analyze DNA, and conduct firearms analysis is often a key investigative step in a criminal case.

Staffing shortages and work space limitations have greatly impacted our Crime Lab's abilities. Chief Whent and City leaders are committed to improvements and have begun to implement a proactive plan to that end. Working closely with the Crime Lab staff, we've begun the hiring process for new forensic specialists, made arrangements to outsource some of the workload, and will explore our options for expanding lab space.

We will keep you informed of our continued progress with regular posts to the OPD website.

We Want Your Suggestions: What Training Should The Police & Police Department Employees Receive?

Dear Members of Our Community -

PD recognizes that training is integral to making the Department responsive to community priorities and values. Taking community feedback into consideration as the training schedule is planned for 2014 is another way of improving our service to the community.

Send your suggestions to .

Your feedback is very valuable to us.

Oakland Police Department Training Division

Independent Monitor Releases 15th Quarterly Report: OPD at Highest Level of Compliance Since Negotiated Settlement Agreement Began

The Independent Monitor's latest assessment of the Oakland Police Department's progress towards compliance shows that we are in full compliance with 15 of the remaining 22 active tasks.

OPD Launches Official Facebook Page

Our Facebook page highlights the men & women who serve the City of Oakland, upcoming OPD events, and celebrations (like the recent 167th Police Academy graduation).

To access the official page, authorized by the Oakland Police Department, log onto to and "friend"
Oakland Police Department, Oakland CA

What's New at OPD?

Want to read more about the work we're doing and the things we celebrate? Check out our Police Community News page.

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